With these soft hands of mine.

Victor Ndukwe
1 min readOct 3, 2021

With these soft hands of mine
I bore your cross
It didn’t sound right, but I held the Aux
I had the drive, I drove the bus
When it was time to flip the coin, I made the toss

With these soft hands of mine
I rocked your world
Through sweat and blood
I was the ink and board
With which you rewrote your lines of greatness that once was blurred

With these soft hands of mine
I worked things out
Till you pulsed out, I never paused out
My grievances, I never poured out
I held the knot, even when things went south

With these soft hands of mine
I firmly held your business at the top of my mind
I never took them off the grind
You told me countlessly that I was trying
I even saw you last night, you were smiling

With those hands of yours
Yes, they were never soft
They were rough from steady holding the rope that held us
They daily tilled the earth to feed us
For us, you took several detours, several deep cuts

With these soft hands of ours
We promise to make our love last
To make our bond top and steadfast
To blow up and have a blast
And to make sure you live forever in our hearts.

To my Dad who passed away on the 17th of April 2021.

Happy posthumous birthday Kierian Ndukwe! I miss you.

You’re my angel now!