What I learnt from hosting my first Twitter space.

A screenshot of my 1st space (we should NFT this)

To start a project or anything, all you need is you, your idea and/or at least one person that shares the common vision. You don’t need the whole crowd to start.

In life, you should control who has input and say in your affairs. At every point, make sure the power to make decisions is still in your control and not anybody else’s.

Don’t be afraid of expansion. When you’ve attained a level of success in your business or career, it’s not a time to be complacent and relax, rather you should seek growth and expansion. And don’t be worried about those that leave, just keep doing you, those that left will return. And if they do, make sure you still have the power to control if they can contribute to your life or not.

You could allow too many cooks into the broth that is your life and have it spoilt. But, it’s okay to send them out and shut your kitchen. When it seems like you’ve lost track of the vision and clarity of purpose, it’s okay to cancel all distractions and go back to the drawing board.

Sometimes, if you’re tired, take a step back and assess your life from outside. One has to step back and let someone else more capable continue the good work. And also ensure there’s a contingency plan for all your moves.

Optimize for legacy. Live and build with legacy in mind.

It’s never your space. Do all you can while you still have access to it because when the time comes, it will take you unawares and cut off all the fun you were having.

The end!



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