This post has no title. Atleast for now.

Not all medium posts should have titles. Especially the ones that comes to your head like bird shit from the sky, without thinking, you just need to push it off your head.

This post was not edited. I needed to bare my thoughts clear without embellishing or trying to touchè it up, I just want make you feel am as e dey drop. So, if notice any form of error, kindly ignore.

This was not pre-meditated. Trust me this is real time thought and I think it’s worth more than a fake Rolex.

What I want to share today is the basic concept of branding on a practical level. So, here goes.

I wanted starting something, I was sure what it was but I needed that validation to be sure I was right.

So, what did I do?

I created a google form titled 'Be Viquetur’s lenses' where I asked few of my friends questions on what they think of me and what I do. I didn’t need to do this to go on with what I wanted starting, but I know I had to because I understand the role it plays in the validation I seek.

Seeking validation is not the devil, it’s like the double opt-in feature in real life. Just don’t over do it, that’s word to Mike.

So, I had to ask my friends their perception of me because I know that once the way you see yourself matches people’s perception of you, whether as a business or an individual, you’re doing the right thing, never stop.

Now that’s what branding is all about, your brand is the perception people have of you. Branding is how you consciously or subconsciously shape that perception. You know you have a solid brand when the perception you have of yourself and the one people have of you matches.

Now, how do you know if it does?

By seeing yourself through their lenses (if I get to edit this post in the future, this should be the title).

I did this and I’ve been reading the form responses from my friends and I know to a reasonable extent my friend’s perception of me, I see me through their POV and Yes! my brand is solid, though it needs some working.

I think I should stop here, I’m starting to think of what next to type and I already said this is one of those impulsive posts.

So, if you would like to borrow me your eyes, so I can see me clearly, please click this link here:

If you think you don’t know me enough to have an informed opinion, let me know in the comment section and I’ll make you my friend.

Thanks for reading this far.


P.S: I’ll edit in the future and the future is NOW!

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