[Music Review] Emi Gan Gan : Meji x Vader the Wildcard — a tale of confidence.

Victor Ndukwe
4 min readFeb 19, 2022

Away from his rap side, Meji reinforces his brand as The cocky bastard with new afrobeat single titled Emi gan gan.

The song, is the leading single of his coming project — TWO EP — which drops soon.

This review looks through the collaboration, story, content, and success of the song, credits to the song and what next to expect from the artiste.

Grab your earpiece and stream Emi Gan Gan as you read through.

Fun fact: if we have the same reading speed, the song ends immediately you read the last word of this article.

Collaboration: Emi Gan Gan — a yoruba way of saying I am the one, is a tale of confidence and pride told by Meji and Vader the Wildcard aka Samo Agbero.

Though being friends for the longest, this collaboration was a strategic one for both artistes cos for Meji, he could feed off the buzz of Vader’s blown comedy series — If an Agbero had a Diary and for Vader, delivering on this single was important for him to introduce his new grown audience to his music side, positioning him as the multitalented guy.

Storyline: ‘Emi gan gan' echoes the lifelong beef between different generations e.g the popular never ending Gen Z vs millennial fight. And this time, the bone of contention is women.

With Meji role playing as the one from the younger generation, you can hear from his line agbaya, you’re not popping anymore that he was shading Vader for being old school.

Vader, on the other hand, is the old rich sugar daddy that flaunts his wealth and uses it to drown younger men in the dating pool. His line where he said I be olori ebi, e no mean say we relate… let me make it rain on you speaks to this. One can easily tell Vader has rolled with Agba oli ekun so long enough to learn the Sugar daddy antics, lmao.

However, away from the obvious roles both of them played on the song, at the core of ‘Emi gan gan' is a subtle reminder that regardless of your status, age, and position, you should reek all shades of confidence and never settle. It’s a song that calls for all listeners to show forth their confident side and brag about what they can do and why they do it better than anyone else.

Content: both artistes came correct with their verses while staying true to the theme of the song.

The song opens with a beautiful and soulful tune and Meji came in cruising through the melody with his top notch hook and chorus. Vader announced his verse immediately after with a hard intro Mr Wildcard in the premises, e je ka mo’oun ta’n se (Let’s know what we’re doing), then went ahead to kill his verse with his humor style of rap.

Meji received the baton again with the hook and chorus and delivered his stellar verse that sealed the song.

The beat, lyrics, delivery and sync between the both of them was so on point, making it enjoyable with replay value and potential to feature in playlists of cool and slow tempo afrobeat songs.

Success: Since its release on the 11th of February 2022, Emi Gan Gan has topped Overkill as Meji’s most streamed song on Spotify so far, it has also appeared in over 40 personal playlists and increased Meji’s monthly listeners from 39 to 1654 without paid promotion.

Asides the number of streams, Emi gan gan was well received across social platforms with positive reviews from music heads and fans alike.

Here’s a screenshot of MI Abaga endorsing it:

This has set a good alley oop for Meji’s coming project — TWO EP and we hope it slams a dunk on us when it drops.

Till then, never forget — Meji is The One.

Stream Emi Gan Gan on all platforms here: http://meji.fanlink.to/EmiGanGan


Produced by: Koe the Kreator.

AnR’d by: Dolapo 'TGM' Amusat and Akachi 'Shakez' Igboko.

If you read this far, thank you. I believe you would have listened to the song by now. Let me know what you think about it in the comments.