Identifying Growth Channels review

Major Growth Channels.

How to Identify and Measure growth channels?

  • Study your audience
  • Choose your channel
  • Test it out
  • Measure the results

Social Media Marketing

  • Test the timing of the post: post at different times to see which time resonates best with your audience.
  • Test the content: there are different types of content articles, gifs, videos, images. Test to see which one your audience love the most.
  • Test the call-to-action(CTA).
  • Test the length of URL: some users are inclined to long URLs, so you test this to be sure.
  • Test your offer: By testing your offer, you are trying to find out what offers your user prefers, could be discounts, pdf downloads or free tutorials.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • For the page title, ensure that you have your targeted keyword on that page, name of your company on that page title.
  • For your meta description, make sure it is natural enough to make a searcher want to click. If done well, it could improve your click-through rate, which then improves your SEO rating.
  • Another structure for on-page is the URL. This includes how you put your keywords in the URL string and to make sure that you have that targeted keyword in that URL string.
  • Headings are used to section your webpage content. In html, there are 6 heading tags H1 to H6. You want to optimize your heading tags such that there is only one H1 tag on a page. Other H2s and H3s, you can have multiple and that would be okay. Just make sure that you are optimizing for the keywords on that page and in your headings.
  • For the image alt-text, the best practice is to ensure that you also place your descriptive keywords inside the alt-text.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)/Pay Per click

Content Marketing





Doing the write thing.

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Victor Ndukwe

Victor Ndukwe

Doing the write thing.

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