I wrote my thoughts with a black ink on a white piece, I hope it gets read

I bore my thoughts Black and white, no bloody lies, no shades of red.


My thoughts — a thoughtful verse.

My thoughts are random
They come unprovoked
My thoughts move haphazardly in Brownian motion
I can't plot a linear graph to capture its direction
My thoughts happen in my head
I think about how long it will take you to move on when I'm dead
My thoughts are influenced by my experiences
So don't judge me if I don't think through your senses

I think about how I should have served more in my service year
About how I wasted it building relationships that wasn't there
I think about the hurt I'd have missed if I didn't ask her out
But then, I'm grateful for the lessons the hurt brought about
I think about Mama that sold us Nunu in Soba
I hope she's fine now and her troubles are over

I don't think about whether I would be poor or rich
I think about the lives my resources would reach
I think about those born as Muslims worshipping Allah
I'm grateful for the Love of Christ, but I know that's not the only answer
I think about God
And the power that name wields
I think about gourd
And the effect of the liquor it shields
Life and death remain my major thoughts
I still have questions for answers to questions I sought

However, my thoughts are not always dark
I've had happy times, sometimes my thoughts brings them back
Sometimes, I imagine the glee I'll feel if Arsenal lifts the title
Or when I finally have the strength to face and conquer my battles
I think of my miss and how well she Mrs me
I think about my Michael and Patricia, my unborn kids
I think about the day I'll die
If mine comes before yours, please don't cry
Cos I won't be around to do same for you

I lied!

Not all my thoughts are random, some are well thought out
I'm tired of hiding them, so this is a thoughtful call out
I think about the poem that advised I row my boat gently
I'm gradually aligning to the school of thought that life is but a dream
Hence, the reason this bloke always stay woke

I don't want my thoughts to end
But your attention span is short
Thanks for reading my thoughts this far
Now I know with good thoughts and words
Your attention and thoughts can be bought.

… among other things, I Write, Right and Wright