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  • Ejumegu Victoria

    Ejumegu Victoria

    Web developer, Blockchain enthusiast and Financial analyst

  • Etienne Okeke

    Etienne Okeke

    Blockchain Technician, Technical Writer and some other things. Owner of BlockMaker Community. Personal website: etienneokeke.com

  • Chimezie Chuta

    Chimezie Chuta

    IT Professional & Drupal Web Developer. Trainer @ Lagos DrupalVersity. Founder, BlockSpace.Africa, Coordinator, Blockchain Nigeria User Group, 3D Printing guy!

  • Olutaiwo Taiwo

    Olutaiwo Taiwo

  • Dovi Dembinsky

    Dovi Dembinsky

  • Sunday Oluwamayowa Solomon

    Sunday Oluwamayowa Solomon

    Aight....Juvenile Scientist😎😎 Biochemist Creative writer📕

  • Uyo-obong Etim

    Uyo-obong Etim

  • Adedayo Adebajo

    Adedayo Adebajo

    One part artist, one part writer, one part entrepreneur, two parts philanthropist and blockchain enthusiast, three parts egalitarian and a whole lot more.

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