This post has no title. Atleast for now.

Not all medium posts should have titles. Especially the ones that comes to your head like bird shit from the sky, without thinking, you just need to push it off your head.

This post was not edited. I needed to bare my…

The buzz will be loud. People will talk about it.

‘Wow, he’s finally leaving,’ they would say. Some that predicted I would leave soon will be feeling like gods, while there will be others that would think I won’t thrive outside.

Friends will call to confirm the news, and I…

I woke up reflective this morning. My past week flashed through my eyes as I realized how proactive I’ve been about improving my life, and I think I have done well in a short time. With MI Abaga’s ‘Stop! Never second-guess yourself’ playing in the background, and a tweet shot about the importance of not self-rejecting one’s self right on my phone’s screen, it’s like the universe set me up for writing this piece.

What I’m about to share is really important. It’s from a personal standpoint, and I feel like a lot of us find ourselves in this situation. The situation where we judge ourselves and tell ourselves the lie that we are not qualified enough to do things. I’ve caught myself doing…

This is a popular question that has received popular answers along the lines of:

Money does not change people, it only amplifies what’s already there.
Money does not change people, it only unmasks them.
Money does not change people, it only reveals who they truly are. …

Understanding Marketing Automation — Part 1.

In a fast rising digital world, businesses constantly seek ways to achieve the most within the shortest possible time. And to achieve this, there has to be less involvement of human interaction in their processes. In Tim Ferris' DEAL approach from his book ‘4-hour…

Victor Ndukwe

Doing the write thing.

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