The buzz will be loud. People will talk about it.

‘Wow, he’s finally leaving,’ they would say. Some that predicted I would leave soon will be feeling like gods, while there will be others that would think I won’t thrive outside.

Friends will call to confirm the news, and I will nod to help them believe their ears. Village people won’t be left out, they’ll check in too, but I’ll say ‘na media’, that I’m not going anywhere. I have to lie, maka ndum.

I will organize a press conference on the noon of my send forth party. TOJ members…

Scars, Shipwrecks and Grief— a personal perspective.

I’m old. I’m 25 and will be 26 in October. This means that I’ve lived for two and a half decades on earth and have survived (so far) while a lot of people I know and love did not.

I’ve lost family. When my mother passed, I was too little to impute her death to pain. I only felt a sense of loss for not meeting her, whom I heard was an amazing person. I know I would have loved her.

I’ve lost friends. I lost two of my best female friends, Blessing…

Content, Community and Conversations: the 3 pillars of Organic promotion.

(A case study of Aiseh’s Tired).

In a world of content overload across industries, the work of standing out has become more difficult. In the music industry, even the big guys are struggling to create sounds that cuts across and is widely accepted for a long time because of how saturated the space is currently.

This makes the work of artistes coming from the ground up with no backing or financial support twice as hard. …

I woke up reflective this morning. My past week flashed through my eyes as I realized how proactive I’ve been about improving my life, and I think I have done well in a short time. With MI Abaga’s ‘Stop! Never second-guess yourself’ playing in the background, and a tweet shot about the importance of not self-rejecting one’s self right on my phone’s screen, it’s like the universe set me up for writing this piece.

What I’m about to share is really important. It’s from a personal standpoint, and I feel like a lot of us find ourselves in this situation. The situation where we judge ourselves and tell ourselves the lie that we are not qualified enough to do things. I’ve caught myself doing this a lot of times, my best pieces have not been read, it’s somewhere in my draft because I think it’s not cool enough to be out there. …

This is a popular question that has received popular answers along the lines of:

Money does not change people, it only amplifies what’s already there.
Money does not change people, it only unmasks them.
Money does not change people, it only reveals who they truly are.
Money does not change people, it only exposes their true selves.

My unpopular opinion: Money changes people, and I’ll love to back up my claim with two arguments:

  1. What does change mean? Are the words, amplify, unmask, reveal and expose not summarily explaining change?
  2. Does not having or lack of money change people?


I saw an IG Live session where MI Abaga — a popular Nigerian rapper — was sharing his view on success. He said, ‘the problem with how people see success is that they view it from one lens, most often their lens, and judge your success by it’’ He went ahead to iterate the importance of defining success for yourself.

I shared the session with my friends on a WhatsApp group I belong to, and one of them asked me, ‘What does success mean to you? And this was my answer:

What success means to me.

Understanding Marketing Automation — Part 1.

In a fast rising digital world, businesses constantly seek ways to achieve the most within the shortest possible time. And to achieve this, there has to be less involvement of human interaction in their processes. In Tim Ferris' DEAL approach from his book ‘4-hour work week’, we were made to understand that Automation is an important part of any process. The ability to put systems on autopilot in order to reduce manual/human interaction, save time and cost and get the best result possible.

What then is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is the process of…

In business, you can’t really rely on the luck of the draw. Having your finger on your audience’s pulse will help you know what they’re looking for and equip you to deliver.

The best way to do this is through utilizing growth channels, the most important of which are SEM, SEO, social and display ads, and content marketing. A lot of these channels use popular platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

This is my fifth week of learning growth marketing at CXL Institute and this week we’ll be looking at the major growth channels that exists in details and how to…

2020 is that conundrum I’m grateful for. Call it bitter-sweet and you won’t be wrong either in that it was my most trying year from a mental standpoint while, at the same time, being the most successful and interesting year I’ve had in my entire life, c’mon I got gifts and cake on my birthday.

I made enough money to take care of myself and family and my biggest flex was that I could actually flex in 2020.

Enters 2020…

For one who’s always seen dates as social constructs, I don’t buy into the frenzy of new year especially the…

Growth Marketing as we saw in last week’s review is a field that is user-centric. What this means is that for your growth Marketing efforts to achieve success, it must be focused on the user/customer.

It’s my third week of learning growth marketing at CXL Institute and we’ll be reviewing user-centric marketing together this week. We will be looking at the following together:

  • Why a user-centric approach is important
  • What is user-centric marketing?
  • User research
  • Usability testing for your websites and landing pages

After reading this review article, you’ll be familiar with the concept of user-centric marketing, the importance of…

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