Understanding Marketing Automation — Part 1.

In a fast rising digital world, businesses constantly seek ways to achieve the most within the shortest possible time. And to achieve this, there has to be less involvement of human interaction in their processes. In Tim Ferris' DEAL approach from his book ‘4-hour work week’, we were made to understand that Automation is an important part of any process. The ability to put systems on autopilot in order to reduce manual/human interaction, save time and cost and get the best result possible.

What then is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is the process of…

In business, you can’t really rely on the luck of the draw. Having your finger on your audience’s pulse will help you know what they’re looking for and equip you to deliver.

The best way to do this is through utilizing growth channels, the most important of which are SEM, SEO, social and display ads, and content marketing. A lot of these channels use popular platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

This is my fifth week of learning growth marketing at CXL Institute and this week we’ll be looking at the major growth channels that exists in details and how to…

2020 is that conundrum I’m grateful for. Call it bitter-sweet and you won’t be wrong either in that it was my most trying year from a mental standpoint while, at the same time, being the most successful and interesting year I’ve had in my entire life, c’mon I got gifts and cake on my birthday.

I made enough money to take care of myself and family and my biggest flex was that I could actually flex in 2020.

Enters 2020…

For one who’s always seen dates as social constructs, I don’t buy into the frenzy of new year especially the…

Growth Marketing as we saw in last week’s review is a field that is user-centric. What this means is that for your growth Marketing efforts to achieve success, it must be focused on the user/customer.

It’s my third week of learning growth marketing at CXL Institute and we’ll be reviewing user-centric marketing together this week. We will be looking at the following together:

  • Why a user-centric approach is important
  • What is user-centric marketing?
  • User research
  • Usability testing for your websites and landing pages

After reading this review article, you’ll be familiar with the concept of user-centric marketing, the importance of…

Last week, we were able to review the basic concepts of Growth Marketing and how it differs from Traditional marketing. You can read about that here.

In this post, we will be continuing our weekly review of the Growth Marketing minidegree program from Cxl Institute by looking at what it means to build a growth process and the steps involved in doing that.

After reading this article, you’d have learnt the following:

  • The Phases involved in building a growth process
  • The growth funnel
  • The importance of user-centric marketing.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Phases in building a growth process

There are essentially three…

The past week has been one filled with loads of learning experiences for me having gained scholarship into CXL institute to take a minidegree program on Growth Marketing.

Growth Marketing is an emerging discipline and as such, is easily confused or mistaken for traditional marketing. I am one of those people who thought Growth and Traditional marketing are the same.

This was my first step to learning — unlearning what I thought I knew about growth Marketing. …

I wrote my thoughts with a black ink on a white piece, I hope it gets read

I bore my thoughts Black and white, no bloody lies, no shades of red.


My thoughts — a thoughtful verse.

My thoughts are random
They come unprovoked
My thoughts move haphazardly in Brownian motion
I can't plot a linear graph to capture its direction
My thoughts happen in my head
I think about how long it will take you to move on when I'm dead
My thoughts are influenced by my experiences
So don't judge me if I don't think through your…

The role of media in blockchain adoption

As we enter a new decade, blockchain technology continues to struggle to cross the chasm and achieve widespread adoption. To be fair, the reasons for slow adoption are many and complex.

Blockchain adoption

On October 31, 2008, in the midst of the global financial crisis, Satoshi Nakamoto released the whitepaper that formed the basis of Bitcoin. It was a radical idea, a non-sovereign digital currency based on a technology developed in 1991 — blockchain. Today, 12 years after Bitcoin was launched, blockchain technology is used in a wide spectrum of applications, from cryptocurrencies…

Blockchain is beginning to be increasingly explored by different industries in the world that are seeking to explore its immutable and transparent features. We recently, through my previous articles saw how Blockchain technology can be incorporated into Data science and Cybersecurity and how it can enable faster business transactions while optimizing lots of processes.

Existing pain points
License and registry processes are paper-based and fragmented, making transactions costly, inefficient, and vulnerable to tampering — The current process involved in acquiring landed properties is really tasking and stressful as unwitting buyers after going through all the manual registration and purchase process sometimes…

Blockchain Technology has been tipped to disrupt several industries, it has been touted to revolutionize everything from the future of finance to the cure to poverty and the only way to secure land registries. Now the big question is if it can have a very big impact on democracy. The answer to this question may not be a Nutcracker to some of us that already understands the fact that the blockchain is a transparent, immutable and decentralized digital ledger for storing records of transactions. …

Ndukwe Victor Sunday

… among other things, I Write, Right and Wright

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