2020: The year I Win(ged) Life.

  • Had the confidence to push more for the things I wanted. After losing my job, I felt less confident in myself.
  • Used my head more as Jesus commanded.
  • Made more money, ‘cos I left so much on the table.
  • Became less dependent, stopped my distractions.
  • Didn’t give people so much power in my life.
  • I made my family smile: if you say you know me and you don’t know how much I love my fam, you’re just assuming we know. My back stayed bent for them and ironically, it pleased me. Thank God I didn’t break.
  • I learnt a new skill — Data Analytics: this is like my major win of the year, all thanks to Project DHUB and Utiva.
  • I tested new waters business wise. The result was overwhelming for me as a first timer. Invested a few coins too and I’m grateful for 100% return and zero losses.
  • I pushed a movement — The Tribe of Judah — with the best set of humans on earth. Made moves, history, set records and created beautiful memories.
  • Got my Original certificate, Transcript, Letter of English proficiency from my school. If you schooled in a Nigerian Uni, you’ll understand that a medium post is not enough to celebrate this.




Doing the write thing.

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Victor Ndukwe

Victor Ndukwe

Doing the write thing.

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